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Zachary’s Life

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Zachary with his younger brother Xander

Our son, Zachary Dawson, lived life to the fullest.   He was always busy, not only literally, but busy in activities.   Zach was in scouts for 7 years, was playing hockey from Timbits and was in football for the past 2 years, until his death on October 14th, 2011.

Zach had a passion for sports, not to play, but to be with his teammates.  THAT is where he loved the game.  In the dressing room, on the sidelines, where he could joke with his friends, be around those who shared common interests.

Zach loved playing his x-box, playing online with his cousin Justin.  He loved being with his cousin Noah.  It was through Noah we learned of all their plans together.   All plans that have now been changed forever.   🙁   

Zachary was 5’10”, 180 pounds when he died, at age 13 years, 6 months, 1 day old.  We were looking forward to next year, in grade 9, when we knew the high school football coaches would track him down.  We were looking forward to his high school graduation,  looking forward to Zach becoming a police officer, looking forward to him getting married, having children………

 now, we have to make sense of a life that doesn’t include our son.   We have two other children, Xander age 6 and Kaitlyn, age 8.    Moving on without Zachary, seems like an impossible journey, yet here we are, time keeps moving on.   I look forward to the day I will see my son again, kiss him, hold him.  Until then, we will try to save as many other children as we can, for zach, so his death isn’t in vain.  


zachary and me, his mom


zachary and me, his mom, another, "too cool" for a picture, pic



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