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Website for Zachary Dawson – “I do this, for him” November 16, 2011

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contact me (Dawn) at gaspzach@yahoo.ca


Zachary Dawson, our beloved son, died playing the “choking game”.   The reason for this website is to forever keep my son’s memory alive through pictures, words, videos.  But also, a greater purpose, to help educate other parents so they don’t go through the complete heartbreak we are going through.

We were unaware of this ‘game’.   We know, without a shred of doubt, if we had been informed of this ‘game’, our son would be alive.   He didn’t think he was doing anything wrong, we believe it was a spur of the moment, horrible decision, to try this ‘game’ and it took his life.  If he was aware of the risks of doing what he did, he NEVER would have tried it.   Anyone who reads this website, and if you are parents or know someone who has children, I BEG YOU, please go to the website below, and TALK to you children.    So you don’t go through what we are.

Hugs, from Dawn, Zachary’s mom